Q. How Tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger?
A. We don't know. But we can safely say he is somewhere between 5'9" and 6'2".

Q. Why an entire website dedicated to one man's height?
A. It may seem a tad excessive, but this is one of the world's most puzzling questions for many people. With no definitive answer, message boards across the internet have been flooded with posts offering discussion on this matter. It was only a matter of time before a website dedicated to 'the eternal question' would appear.

Q. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger's height important?
A. Yes and no. As one of the world's most famous action stars, his physical stature is considered to be immense, so it is no wonder that a lot of people are shocked when he doesn't appear as a 'giant' and in this sense his image may become damaged by him being shorter than we think. However, I think that most people realize that height generally does not make a person stronger or 'better' than anyone else. If Mr. Schwarzenegger turned out to be of 'average' height then this would not take away from any of his many accomplishments.

Q. Is this an Anti-Arnold site?
A. No! Quite the opposite. We are lifelong fans of the Austrian Oak. We do not intend to cause any harm to his image or credibility. If anything, we hope that our presence will help eliminate any false rumors about Arnold being a midget, which he obviously isn't. As far as our gallery is concerned, it is intended to be a satirical look at the midget/shoelift rumors that keep surfacing. Please do not take it seriously!

Q. What's with the weird midget pictures of Arnold?
A. Yes, it is possible true that some (or perhaps all) of the gallery images are 'slighty' modified to some degree. Though we're surprised you noticed.

Q. Do you really have 200 scientists working around the clock for you?
A. No! That was a lie. 10 of the 200 scientists only work part time.

Q. Has Arnold Schwarzenegger or one of his people ever contacted the site?
A. No! And we'd be quite fearful if he did. We'd probably have to burn down our laboratory and all of our research. We'd hope though that he'd be able to see the lighter side of the site though and realise that we're not looking to attack him (there are enough of those sites already!).

Q. Arnoldheight.com is missing '< insert feature >' and I think it would make it a better site.
A. We're always happy to hear back from the fans of Arnoldheight.com . Both of them. Seriously though, if there is anything you would like adding to Arnold height (a subject for an article, perhaps?) then email us at admin@arnoldheight.com.