Arnold's Height - For And Against

Arnold Schwarzenegger's official height measurement has been 6'2" for some time. Although on occasion in older bodybuilding magazines he has been listed 6'1" and 6'1.5", the measurement which is given time and time again is 6 feet 2 inches.

Here, we shall start at present day and look at a random selection of images of Mr. Schwarzenegger of the past and see what can be gathered from them about this man's height.


With all the thousands of photographs of Arnold, It can still be hard to get a good 'reference' photograph for his height. Thus, a photograph like this where his whole body can be seen, with an ideal perspective and where he is standing right next to an object which has a known height (81.7 inches) is gold dust!


  • Arnold Stands around the 6'2" - 6'3" mark compared to the ~6'10" vehicle.
  • Standard elevator shoes cannot add 4-5" of height. Anything over 3" of additional height is unusual!
  • Arnold's posture, although straight, is twisted towards the camera. He may be able to show additional height if he stood completely straight with his back against the vehicle.
  • although the vehicle is typically measured as 81.7", the wheels of the car may be inflated more so than average, making the vehicle slightly higher.

  • Even though arnold MAY stand close to 6'2" against the vehicle, he is wearing shoes which COMPLETELY rules out the possibility of him being 6'2" barefoot.
  • Arnold is a fan of big heeled shoes, and in this case there is a noticeable heel on the shoe giving an absolute minimum of 1 inch, but probably more.
  • His shoes may contain lifts. Although it is unusual to have more than 2 inch lifts (and get away with it), Arnold is a rich man and has the resources available to get hold of some expensive 'boosting' shoes.
  • Even if his shoes only contain a 1 inch heel and 2 inch lifts, that 3 inches is enough to put him below the 6 foot mark.


    Here's a relatively old picture of Arnold and Clint Eastwood on stage together.


  • Arnold is barely an inch shorter than the 'officially' 6'4" Clint Eastwood.
  • Clint has always been considered a 'tall' man, and still stands tall today.
  • Even if Clint were a shorter man (6'2"?), Arnold would still be much taller than the 5'10" claims.
  • Clint is also an action star and trains regularly. His 'image' as a strong, big man is probably quite important to him, and so he may have 'height-boosting' footwear himself.

  • Clint is definitely not 6'4", and as this image shows, he was (and is) an older man. He may have lost height over the years.
  • This is a formal occasion. If Schwarzenegger was ever going to wear 2"+ lifts then this would be the time and the place to do it. Even so, he is still an inch shorter than the ~6'2" Clint Eastwood.
  • Clint is without a doubt a tall man (over 6 foot) so even though his 'macho' image is important to him, he is not a likely candidate to bother with elevator shoes or lifts.


    Here's a pretty old image of Arnold with fellow bodybuilders Franco Columbu and Bill Pearl.


  • Arnold Is noticeably taller than the 5'5" listed Franco and the 5'10" listed Bill Pearl
  • Arnold's shoes appear to be very flat heeled with no possibility of lifts.
  • Franco and Bill Pearl may be wearing standard shoes and have a 1"+ advantage.

  • Franco may only be 5'3" and Bill Pearl is believed by many to be 5'9", not 5'10"
  • Arnold does not appear 4"+ taller than Bill Pearl. Instead somewhere between 2.5" and 3.5" taller. This would put Arnold around the 6 foot mark.
  • All three of them appear to be wearing flat(ish) shoes and have similar postures, so there is no advantage to Bill or Franco in this image.

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